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auto filter factoryOur Company is a manufacturer of all associated Automotive Filters, specifically, Air, Cabin Air, Oil, Fuel Filters, and more. We are currently the most complete Filter production Company in China. We have achieved the hightest Industrial standard certifications, that is ISO / TS16949: 2004. Using American, German and Korean raw materials of the Highest Quality, our products have been tested and passed the highest of tests at the Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine testing Facility. We are a world supplier, having significant market share in North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. We wish to form an honest and trustworthy relationship with our future customers, supplying the latest technology in Automotive filters, across the whole range. Please, allow us to service you, and make our futures profitable and mutually beneficial.

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Oil Filter Benefits

Your car or truck represents a substantial investment. Maintaining it properly today helps you avoid major expenses down the road. Oil filters are as important as any other part you put in your car. Our filters makes it easy to get the job done right. Find out more about whether our gold, silver or platinum oil filters are best for how you drive and when you prefer to change your oil.

Air Filter Benefits

Your vehicle’s air filter removes soot, carbon, abrasives and other contaminants from the air before it mixes with fuel in your engine’s induction system. We offers two air filter choices, each with special features to help prevent even microscopic dust particles from damaging cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings.

Fuel Filter Benefits

Even the smallest particles of rust, scale, dirt and water can compromise the life and performance of your engine. Our premium gold fuel filters are designed to filter out every kind of contaminant that can plug fuel injectors or carburetors and cause engine malfunction and deterioration.

Cabin Air Filters

A cabin air filter is an air purification filter, sometimes called a “micro cabin air filter” or “in-cabin microfilter,” designed to remove the microscopic dust, allergens, pollutants and other particles that come into the passenger cabin of your vehicle through its air vents. In addition to making the air in the interior of your car unpleasant and unhealthy, a dirty cabin air filter, clogged with dirt, dust, smelly mold and allergens, can also impact the performance of your defroster, heating and AC


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